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SCAA - South County Soccer

U9 Team Overview

Program:   BASIC STAGE U9 – U12

In the U9-U12 age groups, the emphasis is not on developing winning soccer teams.  In the basic stage of soccer development, the focus is on developing technically proficient players who over time, begin to develop into decision makers on the playing field.  We expect the players selected to our year round program, are willing to devote a significant amount of time and energy to soccer.  Selection will be based on the player and family's willingness to commit the amount of time to the program and the player’s skill level.  Player positions on the field are not a consideration. 

Team Structure:

·        2 team format:  Green (A), White (B).

·        Green and White teams will compete in NCSL.

·        All teams are South County Soccer teams and have additional training requirements.


·       For tryouts information please contact Darryl Springer, Director of Coaching at [email protected].   


·  Fall Season begins the third week of August.  Practices start times TBD. 

·  “In Season” 3 practice sessions per week.

Two team practices per week.

1 technical training session is provided once per week for both teams.

·  All players are required to attend all 3 practices per week.  There is flexibility to accommodate any emergencies that may come up in a particular week. 

·  Practice cancellations/changes are communicated via email.


·  Most games are held on Sundays during the season but each team may encounter both a Saturday and Sunday game on occasion.

·  Players should arrive 30 minute prior to game time. 

·  Playing time is not guaranteed at the travel/select level.  However, at this age we would like for the kids to play at least 1/2 the game.  A couple of situations where playing time may be less than 1/2 are:  lack of practice attendance, (includes repeated tardiness), tardy to games (showing up less than 30 mins. prior), and practice behavior.

·  All parents are expected to cheer, NOT COACH, their son/daughter in a positive manner.  Anyone who is being negative, or coaching, may be asked to leave. 


Ø We will target 2 tournaments per season. 

Ø Tournament Schedule for Fall 2020:

o   South County Columbus Day Tournament for Boys/ Dulles Cup for Girls- End of August

o   South County Fall Cup for Boys and Girls- Mid November

Ø Tournament Schedule for Spring 2021:

o   Preseason - Late March

o   End of Season - Memorial Day

Player Movement

Ø Players may be moved from team to team at the END of a season (not during), based upon individual and team needs.  This is determined by the head coach and Director of Coaching.

“Off Season” Play (December – February)

Ø Teams will be participating in a Futsal league during the winter time.  Player attendance is part of their commitment to the full year program.  Outdoor sessions may be held weather permitting and indoor sessions will be held depending on space availability.

Budget per Player (Estimate) –

The fees below are for the 2020/2021 season.  Please understand that actual numbers may vary.

Fees for 2020/2021 Season- U9 – U12- $1450 

Ø Registration Fee ($150.  Included in the $1450.  $150 Paid when player accepts a spot in the program)

Ø SCAA Club Fees

Ø  Coaching Fees

Ø  League Fees

Ø  VYSA Registration/Insurance

Ø  SCAA Admin Expenses

Ø  SCAA Field Maintenance

Ø  Equipment

Items Not Included (but required):

Uniforms and accessories (~ $300)

Tournaments, Winter Futsal Leagues, & Winter Indoor Rental (~ $350-$450)

Note: These extra costs represent your child's equal share of the total team fees for the year. These fees can be reduced thru team fundraising efforts. 


If you have any questions, please email Director of Coaching, Darryl Springer at [email protected]